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Cluster Army, keywords and long tails classifier

Cluster Army is a free tool to generate keywords clusters.

During keyword analysis, especially when working long lists of terms, it is very useful to catalog each keyword in order to analyze the aggregated data. Cluster Army performs a 5-step process:

  1. Read the imported list
  2. Find the distribution (Term frequency) of each single term (token), if the option is selected the stopwords are removed.
  3. Find the distribution of all term pairs, stopwoords are not excluded.
  4. Find the distribution of all triples, stopwoords are not excluded.
  5. Create the cluser table with the starting keyword associated with the most frequent single, double and triple.



The tool supports two types of inputs:

  • A txt file with a word or phrase per line.
  • Direct input by sliding or copying, enter a word or phrase per line.

You can choose to exclude the standard stopwords of the chosen language and you can also enter other words that must be excluded in the single-key association.


At the end of the process you have 10 minutes to download the 4 files:

  • Distribution of individual terms
  • Distribution of term pairs
  • Triple distribution
  • Total Cluser