Free Queries & URLs Bulk Export for Google Search Console


Welcome to the Free Queries & URLs Bulk Export Tool for Google Search Console, an online tool that allows you to download all queries and URLs in a given period of time from Google Search Console for free. This tool is designed to simplify the management of your website with Google Search Console. This means that now you can easily monitor search terms, get insights on how search engines interact with your site, and identify the most important keywords. Get all the data you need to reach your SEO goals and perform your analysis quickly and efficiently.

The tool uses the Google API, it allows you to download query data and URLs from Google Search Console exceeding the 1,000 line limit imposed by the GUI.

PLEASE NOTE: we do not see, collect, hold, or in any way interfere with your Google Search Console data. The whole process is completed using OAuth 2.0 - safe and secure.


  • Click the "Login with Google" button.
  • Give permission to temporarily access the data.
  • Select the Search Console profile of the site you want to analyze.
  • You have several filters to apply to the data coming from the Google Search Console API.
  • Remember to exclude branded keywords and apply as many filters as possible to minimize the approximation of the data.
  • The Search button starts the data request and a few seconds later the URLs and keywords will appear.
  • Use the Search filter to limit the results. To filter more than one element, you can separate words with the character |
  • To disconnect or change your Search Console profile, you must press the drop-down menu on the top right with your email and then press the "Logout" button.


What is keyword cannibalization?

Keyword cannibalization occurs when you have too many identical or similar keywords spread throughout the content on your website. Keyword cannibalization is when a single website unintentionally targets the same keyword across multiple posts or pages.

What does this tool actually do?

The tool allows you to download query data and URLs from Google Search Console exceeding the 1,000 line limit imposed by the GUI.

Is this tool free of charge?

This SEO tool is free and unlimited use. It was developed for internal agency utility and made public out of courtesy.

Does this tool save my data?

No, does not save any data imported from Google Search Console. The data is sent to the user's browser and is not kept on our servers in any way. The privacy of your data is ensured.

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