Free Longtail Keywords Generator


With this free tool you can get a list with thousands of keywords related to the one you entered. You can enable up to 5 algorithms that query Google in different ways, in this way you can get thousands of related terms.

What is this for?

Creating good content for your website is the secret to get more organic traffic and making yourself known to potential customers. However, it is not always easy to find topics to write about. With Longtail Generator you can thoroughly analyze a topic and find the most particular searches that users perform on Google. Answering those questions with appropriate content is therefore much easier.

How to use the keyword generator

  1. Enter the topic or keyword you want to expand
  2. Choose the language
  3. Enables 1 to 5 available loops
  4. Press submit to start the data mining process
  5. Check the log to monitor the process
  6. At the end of the process you can download the file or import it into the clusterizer tool


  • Related: the related loop asks Google the related top-level words for your input. Then the tools uses the related top-level words to get second-level related keywords. Same thing up to the third level. This loop lasts less than two minutes and it can generate up to 600 keywords.
  • Append: the append loop sticks after your keyword an alphabetical sequence consisting of two characters (aa, ab, ac, ..., ba, bb, bc, ...) and interrogates the Suggest function cyclically until the alphabet is completed. The loop is very long and it takes over 9 minutes, but it can generate up to 2800 keywords.
  • Prepend: the prepend loop works like the append loop, but instead of hanging the pair of letters after the keyword, it hangs the pair before the keyword. The loop is very long and takes over 9 minutes but it can generate up to 2800 keywords.
  • Numbers: the numbers loop hangs the numeric series 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 after the keyword. This loop lasts just 10 seconds and it can generate up to 50 keywords.
  • Questions: together with your keyword, the questions loop also uses a series of words typical of informative questions (vs, best, for, is, can, which, where, what, how, who, why, when, how, with, of, from, to, that). This loop lasts six minutes and it can generate up to 1300 keywords.

How to open the CSV file with Excel

Do you have problems with special characters when you open the exported CSV file? Don't worry, it's a known Excel bug. To import data into Excel with the correct UTF-8 encoding, follow the instructions on the video.

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