Outdated Content Tool for SEO


Outdated Content Tool for SEO is a free utility that helps you locate pages on your website that are losing traffic from Google.

Outdated Content Tool for SEO

Fresh content is important when it comes to SEO, but there's value in updating old content, as well. Very often those who manage a website tend to publish articles one after the other and that's it, without ever stopping to think about what the performance of the previously published content is. Old and thin content are something that can hurt the overall authority of your website.

New content is necessary, but it takes far more time to create something new than it does to update and optimize something old. That old content is probably still ranking well, but it’s outdated — technology has changed, new information has been presented, or there’s a better way to accomplish the same task. There will be articles that generate good traffic, articles that are growing and articles that are dying or that have never worked. The contents that are losing traffic and concern evergreen topics are an excellent opportunity. Updating this kind of article requires minimal effort, but the effects on SEO and organic traffic can be considerable.

Give it a try, sign in with Google and select your website. The first table you will see will show the URLs of pages that are losing traffic in order of priority. I recommend updating the pages with the greatest potential first.

PLEASE NOTE: we do not see, collect, hold, or in any way interfere with your Google Search Console data. The whole process is completed using OAuth 2.0 - safe and secure.


  • Click the "Login with Google" button.
  • Give permission to temporarily access the data.
  • Select the Search Console profile of the site you want to analyze.
  • The tool shows you a graph with the traffic of the last 90 days compared with the same period of the previous year.
  • Below the graph you will find the list of URLs or Queries of your web site, sorted by traffic lost.
  • You can change the date range.
  • You can view the graph of a specific URL by clicking on the graph icon next to each URL.
  • You can view the query details of each URL by clicking on the magnifying glass next to each URL.
  • Use the Exclude filter to remove one or more items from the list.
  • Use the Search filter to limit the results.
  • To filter more than one element, you can separate words with the character |
  • To reset the graph press the Back button.
  • To disconnect or change your Search Console profile, you must press the drop-down menu on the top right with your email and then press the "Logout" button.


What is an outdated content?

Content that is no longer current and updated is destined to lose traffic from search engines. If the topic covered in the article is evergreen, it is better to update it by improving its content.

How to find outdated content?

With this tool it is easy, just connect the Search Console profile and you will be able to see which pages are losing traffic. You can also analyze the traffic variations of the individual queries of each URL.

Is this tool free of charge?

This SEO tool is free and unlimited use. It was developed for internal agency utility and made public out of courtesy.

Does this tool save my data?

No, Cluster.army does not save any data imported from Google Search Console. The data is sent to the user's browser and is not kept on our servers in any way. The privacy of your data is ensured.

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